Prevent Blindness America Awareness

Groups like Prevent Blindness are dedicated to educating, screening and working to improve eye sight loss prevention. Source: Facebook

Most people think blindness as something that's unavoidable; perhaps an individual is born blind or has a genetic condition that invariably causes blindness. In fact, many cases of vision loss are related to dietary choices and lifestyle habits that are completely changeable. Prevent Blindness Works Actively to Prevent Vision Loss Groups like Prevent Blindness … [Read more...]

December Is International AIDS Awareness Month

December marks the beginning of International AIDS Awareness Month. Source: Facebook

December marks the beginning of International AIDS Awareness Month. While the world-wide medical and NGO community has taken great strides in educating and preventing the spread of this devastating disease, there were still 1.1 million people enrolled in lifelong care last year as a result of contracting AIDS. AIDS Awareness: Education is the Key to Prevention The … [Read more...]

How to Keep Positive When Facing a Chronic Illness

staying positive with chronic illness

It’s difficult to stay positive when you are dealing with chronic pain or a chronic illness. The feelings of anger, grief and denial are a common reaction to a diagnosis of chronic illness or chronic pain. These feelings can lead to constant negativity, exacerbating symptoms and pain and leading to a vicious cycle. But staying positive and thinking in … [Read more...]